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A low-temperature plasma sterilizer represents a cutting-edge solution for the comprehensive sterilization of a diverse array of medical devices. This innovative technology stands out as the world's first to incorporate direct injection pouch-type sterilization, a patented method that revolutionizes the efficiency and precision of the sterilization process.
One of the key features that sets this low-temperature plasma sterilizer apart is its ability to achieve a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10^-6. SAL is a crucial metric in the field of sterilization, representing the probability of a viable microorganism being present on a product after sterilization. The validation of SAL at 10^-6 underscores the commitment to ensuring the highest level of sterilization stability for medical devices. This validation provides healthcare professionals with the confidence that the sterilization process effectively eliminates a broad spectrum of microorganisms, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of medical equipment.


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1 - Medical Equipment Packaging

Pouch Mode
STERPACK™ sealing and mounting cassette (Recommend to use dedicated tray)

Chamber Mode
Dedicated Tyvek® pouch sealing and mounting STERLOAD™

Please remove moisture on the product. Do not put moisture absorbing materials in a sterilizer. (cloth, gauze, paper, liquid, powder, autoclave pouch, etc.)

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2 - Start Sterilization

Press the "Sterilize" button after loading the chamber.

FPS-15s Plus and mini sterilants are prohibited from being reused.
Please be careful not to use expired sterilants.
If the instrument door is not closed properly during a sterile cycle, the cycle will be cancelled.
Please remove moisture on the product.

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3 - Sterilization Complete

Press the "Confirm" button to return to the ready status.

Always wear gloves to protech users when handling a loaded medical device after a process has been cancelled or failed.


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  • Direct sterilant injection enhances sterilization efficiency.
  • Direct vacuum pumping shortens purification process time.
  • Independent pressure control allows unique sterilization cycle including compression process.
  • Compression maximizes sterilization efficiency to obtain 7 minutes cycle.
  • Impermeable pouch allows direct sterilization with compression process and vacuum sealing after the cycle.
  • Vacuum sealing visualizes sterile condition which extends shelf life of sterilized devices and provides advanced infection control solution.

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Size (Wx Dx H) 17.1 X 24.2 X 17.2 in
Chamber (W X DX H) 10.4 x 16.1 x 4.9 in (3.7 gal)
Diagonal Length (Chamber) 185 mm
Vacuum Pump Pump built-in type
Weight 148 lbs
Temperature < 140° F

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