Based in South Florida, US Ophthalmic has been in business since 1992. We are the leading distributor of high quality ophthalmic and medical equipment in the United States. Having access to cutting-edge technology from all over the world, our loyal relationships with partners and end-consumers inspire us to find and deliver the most reliable products that the marketplace has to offer.

In 2002, US Ophthalmic relocated its headquarters and warehouse to Doral, Florida. At US Ophthalmic, we know that ensuring the best and timeliest solutions for all of our partners’ needs is the key to our success! For this reason, US Ophthalmic employs only the most creative and dedicated team members. Below are some of the key players that make our vision, and yours, possible:

Gustavo Lancewicki
Founder & CEO
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gustavo lancewicki CEO US Ophthalmic
Gustavo Lancewicki
Founder & CEO

Originally from Argentina, Gustavo started his life as an entrepreneur and his love for the Optical world at a very early age. After getting his technical degrees in Electronics, and a specific degree in Optics & Contact lens, he jumped into academia to get his Engineering degree. While pursuing his career, he founded a startup company that focused on importing and selling optical and ophthalmological equipment. Business was booming, so he decided to put all of his efforts into developing it further.

Twelve years later, he decided to play in the big leagues and move with his family to the US to start the business he always dreamed of: an international hub for the best optical equipment in the world, with the best service, and the best price.

In 2002, US Ophthalmic was born in South Florida, the place that Gustavo, his wife and three children are now calling home. The company is close to the Miami international Airport and provides equipment from the best suppliers in the world and puts them in the hands of Ophthalmologists, small businesses, hospitals and global distributors. When Gustavo is not hard at work, he enjoys spending quality time with him family.
carina lancewicki Co-Founder & CFO US Ophthalmic
Carina Lancewicki
Co-Founder & CFO

Born in Argentina, Carina has been the acting CFO at US Ophthalmic since their opening in 2002 and holds an Accountant Bachelor degree. When it comes to the business, Carina is passionate about finding the perfect balance between innovation, quality and precision. She hopes that in providing the best equipment to all doctors, there will be better and more professional medicine within reach of communities and small businesses in need.

Carina’s in-depth knowledge, personal experience in the industry and unique passion make her the heart of US Ophthalmic. She also holds a real estate license, has 3 kids, and loves to read in her free time.
flora pazos Accounting & Finance Manager US Ophthalmic
Flora Pazos
Accounting & Finance Manager

Flora has been invaluable to US Ophthalmic since 2013. She holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Miami and a Licentiate in Business Administration.

She oversees all areas of finance and administration, including, but not limited to: coordinating and overseeing the importation of our products, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, inventory, banking, and sales commission tracking. In addition to juggling all of these roles, Flora is the focal point for human resources management and serves as the liaison between US Ophthalmic and insurance & custom brokers, as well as the public accounting firm.

Flora’s hobbies are reading, walking, and jogging with her dog. She spends her free time with her kids and getting involved with their extracurricular activities, as well as volunteering at their school.

Claudio Fernandez LA Sales Manager
Claudio Fernandez
LA Sales Manager

Claudio Fernandez has been in sales since he was 22 years old. Initially, he started as a Sales Representative in Buenos Aires, Argentina working for Everready, Duracell and Kodak.
His sales experience together with his technical training in electronics were the springboard for what would later become his professional sales career.
Through the experience he gained in training Sales Teams by guiding them selling cell phones and intangible products such as Life and Banking insurance he was able to join US Ophthalmic in 2003 where he started to collaborate with the Sales Department, developing a distribution network of all the Company’s brands.
Claudio currently works as a Sales Manager of US Ophthalmic, and he is responsible of managing the Latin America and Caribbean markets leading an entire Sales Team, serving all Wholesale Accounts and promoting the brands manufactured and represented by the company.
Bruno Luppi LA Business Development Representative-Huvitz
Bruno Luppi
LA Business Development Representative-Huvitz

Bruno is from Brazil and joined USOphthalmic in 2013. He speaks fluently Portuguese, English and Spanish. He holds a bachelor degree in Business Management, and has accomplished several specialization courses, his last one from the renowned University of Yale.
He’s passionate about sales, making new connections and developing great relationships with clients, who become friends.
Bruno’s a big fan of sports, on his free time he plays soccer, rides his motorcycle, enjoys the beach life and travel.
Alberto Amos Caribbean Speciality
Alberto Amos
LA/Caribbean Speciality

My name is Alberto Amos, I’m in charge of the area of Mrkt Specialist Latin America and the Caribbean and I was born in Venezuela – Caracas.
With our long experience in the field of Ophthalmology for more than 18 years, we make sure that our clients improve or start all those years that they have been study for so long, now is time to put it in real life. We show them how is the process of growth of an optician from its beginning or in the case of continuing to grow and reach a greater number of patients with greater speed without losing quality. For that, you need the correct instrument to reach this goal. There, is were we get it to, assistant and teach ours customers what instrument are better for them and whats are the benefits (commercial and medical).
My favorite Hobby is doing sports and reading.
I have almost 5 years in the company.

Lotty Hirshbein LA Business Development Representative
Lotty Hirshbein
LA Business Development Representative

Originally from Venezuela, Lotty is an enthusiastic, sales-driven Brand Ambassador with over 10 years of experience in generating profitability for renowned brands. Lotty holds a degree in law and worked several years as a lawyer in her native country. She speaks fluent Spanish and English.
In 2000, she decided to move to Miami, FL with her family. In Miami, she began working as a paralegal for three years before pursuing her passion for Marketing and Sales. Lotty then Co-Founded and was the Marketing Director for the acclaimed magazine "Jewish Way" for eight years. During that time, she formulated marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and expand publication distribution. She negotiated and secured new relationships with local and non-profit organizations to increase publication visibility and profitability.
In 2019, Lotty joined US Ophthalmic and is currently responsible for the EZER brand in the Latin America Region, as well as other brands in the US. Self-motivated and professional, Lotty has been able to expand sales opportunities, open new markets, maximize revenue, and build strong, long-term relationships with customers.
DRA. Sara Assael LA Business Development Representative
DRA. Sara Assael
LA Business Development Representative

* Medical Ophthalmologist graduated from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV)
* Fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (San Juan de Dios Hospital in Caracas)
* Licensed in Laser Phemtosecond, with surgical practice at the IUMO Ophthalmological Institute, Venezuela.
* Member of the Venezuelan Society of Ophthalmology.
* Lead Partner of the "Centro Integral Oftalmologico" Caracas, Venezuela
* He currently serves as a Medical Advisor and Sales Representative.

Osmel Martinez USA Technical Department Manager
Osmel Martinez
USA Technical Department Manager

Osmel joined USOphthalmic in 2018. Graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Engineering. Osmel supports eyecare professionals with assistance to maintain their clinical equipment in a safe and operational condition over their whole life cycle. He also provides medical electronics and mechanical engineering services relating to the repair, maintenance, performance testing, calibration and installation of clinical equipment.
Osmel finds himself very strongly drawn to the unique working philosophy that fuels USOphthalmic‘s operations and sees his role in the medical device industry as a vocation and more than a job. He is inspired by the company’s mission of providing the latest technology in the field and making it accessible to all eyecare professionals around the world.
juan luis Technical Department
Juan Luis
Technical Department

Juan Luis came to our company in 2020. He graduated from Industrial Engineering at Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría in Cuba.
Juan Luis came to our company with the knowledge of hardware based on the pc architecture, implementing these in our ophthalmological equipment, in addition to providing electronics services related to repair, maintenance, performance testing, calibration and installation of medical equipment.
He is the person in charge of providing assistance to our clients with equipment spare parts.
luis amargos Technical Department
Luis Amargos
Technical Department

Luis Amargos joined US Ophthalmic in 2008. He graduated from Technological University of Havana with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. During his time with US ophthalmic, Luis has expanded his knowledge in Optical and Edging equipment. He has received numerous overseas training and certification from lead manufactures in the Eye Care Industry.
With more than a decade of experience, Luis assists distributors and eyecare professionals to maintain their equipment in a safe and operational condition over their whole life cycle. He also provides medical electronics and mechanical engineering services relating to the repair, maintenance, performance testing, calibration and installation of clinical equipment.

blondie orta Executive Assistant
Blondie Orta
International Sales

Blondie joined USO team in 2018. She graduated in Italy with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Cultures, Languages and Literature, and she also holds a Diploma in Accountancy. She has experience as Executive Assistant, Estimator and Sales Representative.
In her spare time she enjoys traveling, reading and working out.
Miriela Pereira
Miriela Pereira
Web Developer
Born in Havana, where she studied Computer Science at the university. On September 2011, I joined the US Ophthalmic team.
It is responsible for the development and maintenance of the company’s websites. Miriela’s hobbies are resting at home with her family.

about us - us ophthalmic


Saving one life is like saving the world, as God teaches us.
A simple test could save the whole world. Early detection of amblyogenic factors could change the life and future of a child. It is impossible to measure the positive ripple effect this will have on a child's adult life and their interaction with society. If untreated, this individual will be sentenced to be ostracized and have limited education skills, as well as multiple limitations in their work environment and contribution to society. With good visual health, that child who would initially be sitting at the back of the classroom and be relegated, would be start to move forward the the front lines, moving forward in their educational environment, at sports, socially and in life in general. How many children with this condition could become doctors, engineers or scientists, who would be able to make priceless contributions to society?
God has granted us the possibility of touching those lives and having a positive impact on them by putting all tools for detection within our reach and we are fully committed to put them to use. We, however, would like to approach this in a more personal manner. Donating a check to a good cause is relatively easy but, as our mentors taught us, the highest form of charity is donating our time. Therefore, we are not only contributing with equipment, but we are also getting involved directly as we encourage our people at the company to volunteer as well.
about us - us ophthalmic

about us - us ophthalmic


In all my years in private practice, finding an honest distributor of products for our practice is perhaps the Key to our success. Several years ago, We purchased an auto-refractor from U.S. Ophthalmics. To date, it has proven to be the most reliable A/R unit in our practice.
Several months ago, U.S. Ophthalmics found out that we had purchased a portable A/R unit for our practice from another distributor. They inquired if we were happy with the portable unit. Our staff replied that we had ceased using that unit as it was not very reliable. Within 2 months, our office received a new unit from U.S. Ophthalmics. Wow! It was unbelievable that they would take such good care of us even if we did not purchase that unit from them.
To have found such a reliable and caring distributor is like finding a jewel in a haystack. Today, our practice is now using the new portable 2WIN A/R unit along with their desk model to help us with our refractions. Our doctors like having results from 3 A/R units instead of just one. Patients are very impressed with our technology which we use for their benefit.
We highly recommend to our friends and colleagues that if they are looking for an honest, reliable, and caring ophthalmic distributor then all they have to do is look up U.S. Ophthalmics for all their needs.

Harvey Yamamoto, O.D.
about us - us ophthalmic

about us - us ophthalmic

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