Why you should do business
with US Ophthalmic:
Many say that when doing business, it is essential to keep the client in mind. But do they really mean it??? US Ophthalmic is an independent company just like you. We think, breathe, and do business independently.

We face the same challenges which you face: the competition of the large corporations, the disadvantages we have competing against them, and the resources they carry which we don’t.
These are just a few examples of the challenges we face as an independent business.


At US Ophthalmic, all our clients are important and
all our transactions are significant.

There is no such thing as a small transaction or a small client in our company. Our attention to the individual client is personalized; from the start of the buying process and through any future difficulties or repairs, you will always speak to the same representative that was personally designated for you. There won’t be the struggle of dealing with countless voicemails or operators whenever you call for personal support. At US Ophthalmic, your personal sales representative is ready to take care of your needs for the entire future of your relationship with our company.
If you will open the door for us, we can and will become part of your team. Not only will we guide you in choosing the best medical equipment for your specific needs, we will also help you grow in those areas where you may need support; be it in selling techniques, marketing, management or anything else, we are here to help. Through our educative platform that includes new and recurring monthly courses, you will be able to grow professionally in all areas of your medical and business practice.