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Endo Coupler


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Features of the EZ-Horus Endo Coupler
Zoom Endoscope Coupler
Standars C-Mount
Provides the quality and flexibility to ensure great images.
Dimensions: 35mm
CCD Resolution(Pixels): 1280x1024

Good waterproof and air-tightness design to reach the soakable functions for easy cleaning and sterilization.

Special treatment inside of the coupler to reduce the air, which makes it not easy to be fogged.

High optical definition desgined for better use with 1280*1024 pixels CCD sensor. More than 200pixels/mm at the fringe of the 1/2" field.

Improved the noise light elimination by special design. A nice center of the optical system has been improved to ensure the good image quality.

Standard C or CS mount design, compatible with C or CS mount endoscopic and EZ-HORUS Cameras, applicable to famous brands of rigid endoscope, such as Richard Wolf, Karl Storz, schoelly, Panasonic, Stryker, Sopro-Comeg, Watec etc.

Special treatment for the mechanical structures to bring a good handle and anti-abrasion function.
Weight 140 grams
Dimension 4.5 x 4.5 x 5.3 cm3
Focus range 5 to 50 mm

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