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Showing the invisible marks quickly
1. Hold the lens above the grid, the distance between the grid and the lens is between 50cm and 80cm.
2. Horizontally move the lens slowly and find out the invisible marks on the lens.
3. Identify the marks with the oil pen.

Recovering regular marks
Make the invisible marks on the lens, coincident with two small circles on the picture so that the area of the cross mark, distant area, optical center and near area can be confirmed quickly.

Checking the diameter and testing the near area of the lens
1. Mark the optical center on the glasses, make them coincident with the cross marks on the picture.
2. The position of the lens edge indicates the smallest diameter of the original lens.
3. If the near area is within the scope of the diameter, the glasses can be processed.

Verifying the PD & height of progressive
1. Center the frame over the pyramid lines, with the fitting cross lined up with the top horizontal line, marked “0”.
2. This is the 180 line as shown on the lens diagrams in the Progressive identifier.
3. With the frame in this position, determine the monocular PD for each lens by reading the number on the horizontal line directly underneath the 180 line.
4. With the fitting cross positioned on the top line, the fitting height of each lens can be determined by reading the number on the line where the bottom of the lens rests.
Bulbs LED
Power input AC100~240V 50~60HZ
output: DC12V 3
Dimension 335 x 244 x 20mm
Weight 0.75kg

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