Increase your profitability

The digital system allows you to optimize the processes, by cutting and reducing time during the refraction procedure, while increasing the accuracy. As a result, you can see more patients per day, more efficiently and with better results. These benefits are provided by the Huvitz HRK-9000A, which combines the features of an auto-refractometer, an auto-queratometer, and an aberrometer, in an easy-to-use instrument, based on Wavefront technology.

Huvitz HRK-9000A Autorefractor Keratometer provides an objective measurement of the refractive error and prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Unceasing efforts for higher accuracy lead to objective refraction followed by standardized subjective refraction with HRK-9000A and in the end, unprecedented accurate results wait for you. HRK-9000A speaks no compensation, but perfectionism in refraction composed of glare test, superior contrast sensitivity and TFBUT / Meibography which are introduced for the first time in the world. A beautiful curvilinear design speaks emotional stability in you. With HRK-9000A, take satisfaction which you have ever enjoyed before.

Features of the Autorefractor Keratometer HRK-9000A

○ Subjective VA Test
○ Contrast Sensitivity and Glare Test
○ TFBUT Measurement and Meibography
○ Zernike Topographic Map Support
○ Micro Lens Array
○ More Accurate Data
○ Color View Mode
○ Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
○ IOL Mode
○ Iris and Pupil Diameter Measurement
○ Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
○ Efficient Contact Lens Prescription
○ Touch and Tilting 7" Color Display
○ Auto Tracking
○ Auto Cutting Printer
○ Wireless Communication

Quality of Life

The digital system allows you to remotely control absolutely all the equipment. You can examine the patient from the control console, without leaving your desk. At the same time, you are able to control the projector and monitor what the patients are reading on the LCD console. As a result, you will be able to work comfortably from your desk, instead of standing 8 hours beside the patient operating the manual refractometer test box. To perform these tests, you can take advantage of the Huvitz HDR-9000, ensuring that the visual acuity test is accurate and allows the user to perform sophisticated tests, such as binocular visual function and presbyopia, among others.

Huvitz HDR-9000 Automated Phoropter with easy-to-connect WIFI and 21 point exam package is fully customizable for individual preference and satisfaction. HDR-9000 helps those who suffer from visual acuity problems with advanced refraction customizable for individual preference and satisfaction. A beautiful curvilinear design speaks emotional stability in you. With HDR-9000, take satisfaction which you have ever enjoyed before.


Accuracy characterizes the equipment that makes up the digital clinic, including highlighting the unique features of the Huvitz HDR-9000 digital auto-refractometer and the dual cross cylinder that allows you to have tools that lead to better results in subjective refraction. Similarly, the lensometer allows you to compare the old and the new prescription of the patient, at the touch of a button.

Features of the Digital Refractor HDR-9000 A

○ 21 Point Exam
○ Cross Cylinder Lens
○ Monocular Height Adjustment
○ Tiltable Body
○ LCD Chart Compatibility
○ Fast and Silent Lens Loading
○ Slimmer Design
○ Various Charts and Contents
○ Real Time Guide
○ Easy Explanatory Images
○ PC Control (Optional)
○ Tilting and Swiveling Display
○ Wireless Communication


The different network options for configuring the digital system provide greater efficiency in combining labor and equipment. With the digital clinic network system, you can have the auto-refractometer and lensometer in a different room, being operated by an assistant, while you are examining another patient in the clinic at the same time. The refraction data obtained and the lensometer reading is transmitted to the main office via the network. With the touch of a button, you can automatically enter patient data in the digital refractometer. This way, the time of each of the processes is significantly reduced.

HLM-9000 welcomes you to enjoy its superiority in wavefront analysis technology of Hartmann sensor and automatic lens recognition. A beautiful curvilinear design speaks emotional stability to you. With HLM-9000, take satisfaction which you have ever enjoyed before. One of a kind, Huvitz Auto Lensmeter HLM-9000 measures the harmful effects of LED screens by utilizing the Blue Light Hazard Measurement function. Increase total practice efficiency and enhance the total experience with the HLM-9000, using Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology to maximize accuracy in multi-focal & high curved lenses.

Features of the Digital Lensmeter HLM-9000

○ Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Tech
○ Blue Light Hazard Measurement
○ UV Measurement
○ Multi-focal Lens Measurement
○ Improved Accuracy with Green Light Beam
○ Auto Lens Recognition
○ Contact Lens Measuring Kit
○ 7" Color LCD Display
○ Wide Tilting Angle
○ Intuitive Prism Direction
○ Simple GUI
○ Minimized Gap between PD Bar and Nose
○ Auto Cutting Printer
○ Extra Storage
○ Wireless Communication

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Better Image

The presence that generates the proper equipment design and its digital interface generate an impact on your clients, who will feel that the consultation has been of a very high professional quality. The image projected to clients will become a voice to voice, which will serve as a marketing strategy that will help you bring and win new customers and retain those you already have.

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Friendly Training

The simplicity and friendliness with which the system was designed will allow anyone to quickly and intuitively become familiar with the system. Likewise, the training of new users is quick and easy. The HUVITZ HRK-9000A is part of this digital clinic, line that with its unique optical technology provides fast, accurate readings and enhances the reliability of results.

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System Networking