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Is a perfect choice, it will bring you more convinience to you job, and processing quality and precision of your spectacles is better.

Electric Hand Drill
Power Adapter DC 12V
Fixed Clamp
Spectacle Holder
Double Edge Cutting Tool

Begin with the client's selected frame.
Remove the model lenses from the frame.
Position the model lens over the patient's edged prescription lens. Make sure that they are perfectly aligned.
Secure both lenses using the clamp included in the RM-2500 kit (teflon padding protects the lenses from damage).
Perforate the prescription lens using the holes of the model lens as a guide.
Smooth the edges of the drilled holes with the conical file included in the RM-2500 kit to prevent splintering when the screws are tightened.
For frames that require notches secure the clamp in the block included in the RM-2500 kit and use the file (also included) to create the notch.
Mount the lenses in the frame and tighten the screws using the nut and screw driver set included in the RM-2500 kit. A wide selection of blades are included to accomodate different nut and screw sizes.

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