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excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

Hydrophobic Mode Concept
Easily adjustable roughing intensity and lens rotation speed, combined with an Adaptive Chuck and Clamp pressure control for minimizing or eliminating Axis twist and surface damage during lens processing.

3 Roughing Methods for Stability in Edging
Can choose the roughing method (Normal, Spiral, Axial) based on the type of lens material and the amount of coating.
Roughing proceeds more steadily if adding lens diameter directly in Normal or Spiral Roughing mode.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

Easier Hydrophobic Mode
With ultra-water-repellent coated lenses that are susceptible to slipping and deflection, processing options such as roughing method, safety mode, pressure control of the adaptive clamp chuck, and rotation speed of the lens can be adjusted and operated at the same time.

Adaptive Clamp Chuck to prevent lens deformation
Minimizes axis twist which prevents lens & coating damage when processing High-curved Lenses:
Automatic adjustment for 3-step pressure (high, medium, low) / Manual input adjustment (from 50 to 150%)

4 Retouch Options
After completing a set of processes you can easily modify the size, polishing, grooving and safety beveling.
A list of the latest 3 jobs.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

Scan & Cut which can make special shapes
Individual design - now you can directly scan a variety of lenses or convert image files to job files and begin cutting (with HAB-8000 and HDM-8000 configuration).

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

High responsive 9.7" Color Display
Intuitive GUI interface with Huvitz's simple yet sophisticated design.
Touch method which can be easily started even if machine operation is not familiar.

Advanced Edging Modes
This new generation of Excelon is very user friendly. It has a wide variety of modes to suit all User requirements. A higher level of efficiency and functionality can also be possible by integrating the optional auto blocker and/or driller.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic
8 difference types of edging to match frames
Customized lens processing is possible such as Bevel, Rimless, Mini Bevel, Partial Bevel, Partial Grooving, Dual Grooving, and Hybrid Grooving.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

More sophisticated 6 bevel positions and preview mode
Optimal position is chosen with the automatic calculation of lens type, thickness, and frame through its 2D and 3D simulations.
Automatic bevel position / Manual bevel position (Percentage %, Front offset, Rear offset, Base Curve)

The latest trend material is OK! 5 kind of lens material processing
Lens processing with a wide range of materials and curvatures such as Plastic (CR39, Hi-index), Polycarbonate, Trivex, Glass.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

3 Feeling Position Modes for various Conditional Measurements
Optimum feeling positioning according to various situations and conditions such as measuring in normal mode, changing frames and Bevel shortfall checking:
3 Feeling Position Modes : Both side, Front only for CAP lens, Rear only for EX lens.
Feeling after roughing option for Safety bevel / Grooving Quality.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

Powerful Digital Pattern and Editing function
Function to modify and change lens size, shape and rotation.

Frame type change and repairing : Easily modify or replace the distorted shape of the frame through R/L exchange, R/L mirroring.

Intuitive layout design function : Directly enter and edit layout information in various frame shape.

Easy Click editing function : Function to edit the magnet position (Chemistrie Clip) for detachable sunlenses and reader lenses.

Intelligent Algorithm for Improved Fitting Quality
Fitting quality is even better than previous models by applying Intelligent Algorithms such as Automatic correction of lens size, bevel or grooving, and PD correction.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

Built-in Tracer reading more precisely with three-dimensional measurements
Auto or Semi-Auto or Concave mode can be selected.
The stylus can be manually placed in the narrow groove of challenging frames in the Semi-Auto mode and the concave shape of the demo lens is recognized in the Concave mode.
Tracing frames and at the same time edging lenses gains efficiency and dramatically cuts-down overall job time.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

Expert Job Editor shows preview and can run immediately
Function to instantly search, preview and execute all tasks.
Choosing the advanced operation options for experts, giving the operator the ability to directly input the tilt angle of a frame or the curve of a lens.

Powerful multi-tasking with the new concurrent processing Job Manager
Function to show step-by-step job list at a glance and execute the next job while edging.
Large memory storage for unlimited job data.
Barcode interface support for changing job file name, importing and searching job files.

excelon hpe-410 huvitz - us ophthalmic

Direct DCS (OMA) Import without File Conversion
Allowing users to save the full information, for future use, such as frame shapes, FPD, edging types, lens materials into SD card memory without the hassle of converting DCS (OMA) job files.
Providing most of the ready-made job data in DCS format, collected from websites of leading frame makers.

Maintaining folder-based DCS files to avoid duplicate file names within a folder.
Job data imports from external devices such as DCS host, external tracer / Auto blocker or HERA Intraworks (PC).

Edger Specification
Lens Material Plastic, Polycarbonate, High Index Plastic, Glass, Trivex
Wheel Beveling(Normal / Partial / Mini Bevel)
Grooving(Normal / Partial / Hybrid / Dual Grooving) Flat Edging
Safety Beveling
Auto/Manual position with 2D/3D simulation supported for beveling and grooving.
Functions Job Manager, Digital Pattern, Retouch, Bevel / Groove Simulation, Shape Mirroring, Concave Shape
Utilities Manual Edging Room Door(Hinged Door) Edging Room Illumination
Single Side Feeling(Front, Rear)
SD Card Storage(Memory Included)
Display 9.7 inch Color TFT LCD(1024x768) with Touch Screen
Edging Size Max : 3.54in / 90mm
Min : Flat Edging : 0.73in - 18.5mm(without Safety Bevel) / 0.90in - 23.0mm(with Safety Bevel)
Bevel Edging : 0.78in - 20.0mm(without Safety Bevel) / 0.97in - 24.7mm(with Safety Bevel)
Dimensions 23.78(W) x 22.5(D) x 14.5(H)in (604(W) x 571(D) x 369(H)mm)
Weight 103.4lb / 47kg or Less(without Tracer Module)
Power Supply AC 100~120V / AC 200~230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1400W(110V), 1500W(220V)
Tracer Specification
Tracing Type Automatic 3D Binocular Tracing
Tracing Mode Auto, Semi-Auto
Tracing Size Frame 0/0.63~3.62in (0/16.0~92.0mm), Pattern 0/0.63in ~ 3.31in (0/16.0~84.0mm)
Frame Material Metal, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic
Data Processing FPD, Frame Curve, Circumference, 3D Angle, Concave Shape

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