Otoscope Lens


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Increased Accessibility
The OTO Lens makes it easier than ever to perform rounds and serve patients in remote areas.

Outstanding View
Users will be impressed that so much can be viewed with a handheld otoscope. The unit provides excellent images and video of the ear canal and tympanic membrane.

Lightweight, Handheld
Patient screening has never been easier or more convenient than with Ezer’s unique, lightweight design. Excellent quality and outstanding value set this device apart, making it a smart choice in virtually any setting.

Photo and Video Capture
The OTO Lens offers both camera and video scope capabilities. Still images and videos are captured with the touch of a button.

Outstanding Illumination
Enjoy outstanding illumination with top-of-the-line natural white LED.

Dual Screen Mode
When using the OTO Lens with the Horus, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in patient management and flexibility with real-time dual screens—one on the device and another on your PC or laptop.

Less Paperwork
When using the OTO Lens with the Horus, everything can be processed digitally to reduce paperwork.

HD Resolution
The OTO Lens provides excellent high resolution images and video.

Fully Adjustable
This device offers complete flexibility with fully adjustable brightness and focus control.
Weight 0.15 in / 70 grams
Dimension 5(front) x 4(back) x 7.3 cm3
Optical Resource Capture mode: nature LED
Focus Range 0.2 to 2 in (5 to 50 mm)
Usage Time 180 minutes (around 600 shots)
Horus Review Software Data management and support to cloud design
Anterior lens (Fluorescence) 0.9 x 0.5 in (22.5 x 12 mm)(L x H), Nature light / Fluorescence light
Wireless Transmit Module Support Wi-Fi transmit to PC, tablet, mobile device
Portable Wireless Printer Support to print image and data by Wi-Fi
Hard Case Hard case for protection and traveling

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