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ezer slit lamp emerald-1 - usophthalmic
A 2-step knob provides easy manipulation of magnification power. With standard 10x and 16x magnification ratio and 10x eye piece (optional 16x), the instrument’s microscope provides quality and detail for easy detection of aberrances such as foreign objects, cysts, ulcers and allows for a clearer diagnosis of conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other diseases.

ezer slit lamp emerald-1 - usophthalmic
The instrument can house either a halogen or an LED lamp for tower slit illumination. Incorporating the latest LED Technology to ensure the best spectrum of light for slit lamp observation to identify eye diseases at early stages. The high illumination LED is built for longevity and decreases the energy consumption of the instrument making it the most dependable choice for daily use over many years.

ezer slit lamp emerald-1 - usophthalmic
With standard filters such as cobalt blue, heat absorption, red free and ½ ND, the ESL-Emerald-1 contains all the requirements for observing dry eye and corneal scarring, and the enhanced viewing of blood vessels and hemorrhages. A built-in yellow filter grants finer fluorescein images for detection of abnormal tear production, corneal injuries and exogenous particles. A variety of filter options are also available for upgrades.

ezer slit lamp emerald-18 - usophthalmic
The ergonomic design allows for easy light volume control as the illumination control knob is at the base of the device and in close proximity to the joystick. The visual health doctors can make light intensity adjustments without moving their hand away from the joystick.

The base of the device houses the joystick, and its color is selectable from a variety of cover options to match your theme.

ezer slit lamp emerald-1 - usophthalmic
This slit lamp model offers a 13° convergent stereo view with high resolution. The pupillary distance is adjustable to a wide range (52 - 90 mm) compared to other models allowing for a more pleasant patient experience.

ezer slit lamp emerald-1 - usophthalmic
The ESL-Emerald-1 has a half-moon type column which can accommodate an attachable laser system for use in laser surgery.

ezer slit lamp emerald-1 - usophthalmic
The efficient design of the instrument incorporates a built-in C-mount where a camera can be attached for capture of observed abnormalities and easier record keeping.

Click here to see the manual

Click here to see the manual
Type Greenough Type
Stereoscopic Microscope
Magnification Changer 2 steps by changing knob
Stereo Angle 13°
Eyepiece Standard: 10x
Option: 16x
Magnification Ratio (Field of View) 10x (20.13mm), 16x (16.13mm)
Pupilary Adjustment 52 - 90 mm
Focus Distance 100 mm
Diopter Adjustment +8 to -8 diopters
Slit Illumination
Slit Width 0 - 10mm
Aperture Diameter 0.2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 10 mm
Slit Length 0 - 10 mm
Slit Rotation ± 90°
Filters Standard: Cobalt Blue, Heat Absorption, Red-free, 1/2 ND
Option: UV, IR, 1/10 ND (to be replaced with standard filters)
Slit Inclination 5° 10° 15° 20°
Light Source LED: (Orange) 14VDC 1A
Halogen: Lamp bulb (12V/50W)
Max. Intensity (Lux) 45,000Lux
Vertical Movement 30 mm
Longitudinal Movement 79 mm
Lateral Movement 115 mm
Fine Base Movement ±10 mm
Colour Selectable Base Selectable
Vertical Movement 75 mm
Fixation Target LED: LED 3V 0.01A (Option)
Halogen: Halogen 6.3V 0.14A
Input Voltage AC100, 120V, 220V, 240V
50/60 Hz
Power Consumption LED: 25VA
Halogen: 65VA
Size and Weight (without table top)
Weight 40 lbs (18.5 Kgs)
Dimension LED: 22 in(W) X 16 in(D) X 26 in(H)
Halogen: 22 in(W) X 16 in(D) X 28 in(H)

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