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hfc-1 huvitz

With a large display of 12.1" Touch Screen & 1TB capacity of built-in PC, Huvitz Fundus Camera is able to actualize quick view and analysis.
Acquiring Detailed Full-Spectrum Retinal Images, HFC-1 can help to lesion analysis and clinical diagnosis.
Thanks to Low Intensity of Flash, Speedy Capturing, Auto Tracking & Auto Shooting, HFC-1 provides High Stability and Ease of Use.

hfc-1 huvitz

The Enhanced Visualization Technology(EVT) of HFC-1 helps to acquire high-quality images in any clinical cases. Therefore, it is specifically utilities when capturing fine pathological variation.

retinal camera hfc1 huvitz

Fixation Target
By adjusting Fixation Target's position on the display, users can acquire more accurate measurement results.

retinal camera hfc1 huvitz

Panorama Function
The function provides major information to general evaluation for eyes since users can acquire high resolution images minimizing distortion.

Auto Tracking and Auto Shooting
Quick and stable auto tracking and auto shooting based on highly accurate autodetection technology. There is no need to change modes for measuring a small pupil, as HFC-1 can automatically adjust to measure this.

retinal camera hfc1 huvitz

20 Megapixel Camera of High Performance and Definition
Efficient Camera reducing Motion Artifact, acquires high-quality images, searches from general outline till enlargement for details. Also, acquired images can be visualized by a variety of image mode so it can help to further analyzing, diagnosis.

A Variety of Image Modes
Color : Brilliant & Full Spectrum Images
Blue : RNFL, Wrinkles, Edema, Cell membrane
Red : Pigmentary Abnormalities, Choroidal Rupture, Birthmark, Melanoma
Red-Free : Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy
Cobalt : RNFL

retinal camera hfc1 huvitz

Compact Design for Space Efficiency
By Compact design with built-in PC with 1TB storage, measurement, analysis, diagnosis, report can be done in one site. HFC-1 is economically designed for space saving.

12.1" LCD Touch Screen
HFC-1 offers high-quality resolution without afterimage thanks to real time imaging processing chip. As HFC-1 adapts Wide Color TFT LCD, users can experience live images with high resolution.
In addition, Touch screen increases user convenience.

retinal camera hfc1 huvitz

Web Browsing System without Software Installation
Without software installation, users can analyze patient measurement data on Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome. Since DICOM is compatible, HFC-1 meets the latest medical IT trend.

hfc-1 huvitz
Type Non-mydriatic fundus camera
Resolution Center : 60 lines/mm or more
Middle (r/2) : 40 lines/mm or more
Middle (r) : 25 lines/mm or more
Angle of view 45˚
Camera Built-in 20Mega pixel, Color
Minimum pupil diameter 4.0mm (Normal mode), 3.3mm (Small pupil mode)
Flash light White light, 10 levels
Pixel pitch at fundus 3.69um
Working distance 33mm
Display 12.1 inch, 1280x800 pixel, Touch panel color LCD
Dioptric compensation for patient’s eye -33D~ +33D total
-33D~ -7D with minus compensation lens
-13D~ +13D with no compensation lens
+7D~ +33D with plus compensation lens
Internal fixation target LCD (internal), White LED (external
Fundus illumination light 760nm
Horizontal movement 70mm (back and forth), 100mm (left and right)
Vertical movement 30mm
Chinrest movement 62mm (up and down), motorized
Auto tracking 30mm (up and down), 10mm (right and left), 10mm (back and forth)
Power supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.6-0.7A
PC Built-in computer
LCD Tilting angle 70˚
External port 2 USB, 1 DP, 1 RGB, 2 LAN
Dimensions 330(W) x 542(D) x 521(H)mm
Mass 28 kg

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