NTZ-NSI-X - US Ophthalmic
NTZ-NSI-X - US Ophthalmic
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The long battery life, exceptional brightness, and comfortable design of the NSI-X illuminator by Neitz make it a perfect companion for the BL surgical loupes by Neitz and a powerful tool for any clinic.

The NSI-X boasts the world’s highest illuminance, providing in high mode 84,000 lux at 9.84 inches in the NSI-X100 and 100,000 lux for the NSI-X80. This brightness facilitates ophthalmic examinations using the Neitz line of surgical loupes and brings crystal clarity to videos and images captured with the SC-I surgical camera system. This is only one of the reasons the NSI-X was awarded the 2014 Good Design Award.
The NSI-X is powered by a built-in rechargeable NiMH battery that can sustain the brightest illumination level for 3.5 hours. At mid-level illumination, the NSI-X can provide a staggering 7.5 hours of light, enough for even the longest days in the clinic. If the battery does run out, its fast-charging technology allows it to charge completely in only 2.5 hours. The small, lightweight form of the battery pack and the long reach of the cable connecting it to the LED casing allows the NSI-X to rest comfortably in the jacket pocket or clipped to the waist.


Illuminator Comparison

Illumination Usages

Light Source White LED (Color Tone: Cool White)
Illumination Field Diameter
(at 400 mm distance)
100 mm (100 mm type) or 80 mm (80 mm type)
Dimensions (Main body) Ø 0.9 in x 1.36 in ( Ø 23.0 mm x 34.6 mm )
Weight 100 mm type: Approx. 18g (0.63 oz.)
80 mm type: Approx. 19g (0.67 oz.)
Light Intensity (approximately)
(at 400 mm distance)
Low (Level 1) 100 mm type: 12,000 lx
80 mm type: 14,000 lx

Medium (Level 2) 100 mm type: 19,000 lx
80 mm type: 22,000 lx

High (Level 3) 100 mm type: 32,000 lx
80 mm type: 38,000 lx
Light Color White
Illumination Cord Lenght 66.93 in (1.7 m)
Battery Pack
Dimensions (excluding protrusions) 3.48 (H ) in x 2.68 in (W) x O .87 in (D )
(88.5 mm x 68 mm x 22 mm)
Weight (excluding batteries) 170 g (6.0 oz.)
Illumination Level 3 levels (Low/Medium/High)
Operation Time (approximately) 13.5 hours at Low (Level 1)
Operation Time (approximately) 7. 5 hours at Medium (Level 2)
3.5 hours at High (Level 3)
Built-in Rechargeable Battery Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery (AA size, 4 pcs.)
Output Voltage DC 3V, 2 VA
Full Charging T ime Approx. 2.5 hours
AC Adaptor
Input Power AC 100 V to 240 V, 47 Hz to 63 Hz, 0.25A to 0.5A
Output Power DC 9 V, 2.3 A
Double Insulation Type (or its equivalent)
Cable Length 48 in (1200 mm)
Extension DC Cable
Cable Length 79 in (2000 mm)

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