Lens Tools Kit


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This Kit for lens hole drilling/lens grooving, also able to mill rhinestones notch.

Mark pen, Drilling Handle, Drilling bit, Ruller, Anti-skid Sticker, Protection Plate (PVC), Drilling Clamp, Clamp Driver, Centering Pin, Groving Clamp, Drilling Bits, Miller and Hand Driller.

Hand Driller Drilling Bits
ø1.5 x 30L
Drilling Bits
ø1.4 x 30L
Drilling Bits
Mark Pen Drilling Handle Drilling Bit Ruler
Grooving Clamp Anti-skid Sticker - 200pcs Protection Plate (PVC) - 20pcs
Drilling Clamp Object A:
Object B:
Object C:
Size 350 x 190 x 60mm
Weight 820g

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