HPE-8000 X
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edger hpe-8000 x huvitz - us ophthalmic
More advanced features for the perfect fit

* High Curve function in order to process sports goggles and sunglasses Step Bevel function (maximum lens curve 6.00, maximum depth 6mm)

* Adjustable asymmetric bevel which raises the level of consistency between the frame curve and processed edge of lenses Semi-U process function

* Adaptive Clamp Chuck prevents axis slippage, shape distortion and delamination of polarized lenses.

edger hpe-8000 x huvitz - us ophthalmic

Feature packed and highly detailed custom bevel

* Mini Bevel adjusts the height of the bevel apex eliminating unsightly bevel reflection on frames with a shallow eyewire (Min. 0.1mm~Max. 0.8mm)

* Partial grooving function makes it possible to place a desired size groove in a designated section of the lens

* Hybrid Grooving offers the ability to place different finishes from section to section on a lens such as cutting a groove and a bevel

edger hpe-8000 x huvitz - us ophthalmic

Diverse Beveling Options
The HPE-8000 X offers the widest range of beveling options available, including step, bevel, mini, asymmetric, semi-U, hybrid grooving and combined customizable beveling for high-curved frames. Almost anything is possible with the HPE-8000 X.

edger hpe-8000 x huvitz - us ophthalmic

Faster Processing
* Bidirectional feelers of improved configuration are more durable and simultaneous feeling of front and back sides reduces lens thickness recognition time by maximum 50%

* High-end motor and platform reduces the process time at an average of 20% compared to other models

* Servomotor with more than 1 horsepower offers speedy lens processing

* 1GHz High Performance CPU controlling the next process

edger hpe-8000 x huvitz - us ophthalmic

Unparalleled expandability and functionality
* Scan & Cut function makes it possible to scan and cut a designated image (HAB-8000, HDM-8000 Combination)

edger hpe-8000 x huvitz - us ophthalmic

* OMA compliancy eliminates without wasted time

* Processes even concave shape on lenses within a range of wheel curvature

* Easy Click (Chemestrie Clips) function for processing detachable magnetic overlays for plano fashion sunglass lenses or custom prescription applications.
Lens Material Plastic, Polycarbonate, High index plastic, Glass, Trivex
Edging Mode Beveling(Normal, Asymmetric, Mini, Auto, manual Mode), Flat Edging, Grooving(Normal, Partial, Manual Mode), Safety Beveling, Polishing, Milling
Drilling Size : 0.8mm or 1.0mm (Diameter)
Tilting Scope : 0 ~ +30 Degrees
Number of Holes / Hole Size : Unlimited
Hole Type : Hole, Slot, Notch, Counterbore
Hole Depth : 0.0 ~ 6.0mm (0.0mm = Through Hole)
Hole Coordinates : x, y
Functions Job Manager, Digital Pattern, Hole Editor, Retouch, Bevel / Groove Simulation
Utilities LCD Tilting, Automatic Edging Room Door,
Inside Edging Room illumination,
SD Card Storage(Memory included), Bar Code Reader(Optional)
Display 10.4 Inch TFT Color TFT LCD(1024x768) with Touch Screen
Edging Size Max : 3.5in / 90 mm
Min : Flat Edging : 0.73in / 18.5 mm (without Safety Bevel)
Min : Bevel Edging : 0.79in / 20 mm (without Safety Bevel)
Dimensions 21.3(W) x 18.6(D) x 22.9(H) in (540(W) x 472(D) x 580(H) mm)
Weight 112.2lb / 51 kg
Power Supply AC 100~120V / AC 200~240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 1,200W(110V Model), 1,500W(220V Model)

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