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The Netzaj Refraction Unit has an elegant and contemporary design, that allows it to enhance and integrate your entire exam system. It was built on the concept of modernism and practicality. State of the art design that matches in perfect harmony with it's environment.
The revolution of refraction space begins with the Netsaj Unit.

Features & Components
Easy access control panel very simple to operate, with soft touch switches.

refraction units netzaj

Electrical Chair
Halogen Lamp
Incorporated Light to facilitate the work of the professional.

Auto-Powered Arm
A smooth operating power arm with multi control sequence enhances the operator's convenience and efficiency. (Left/Right Movement Angle: 45°)

Rotating Optometry Carrier
In adition to a rotating instrument tray the Netsaj Refraction Unit offers a sliding drawer for trial lens sets and additional storage in the form of a chest with door.
refraction units netzaj
refraction units netzaj
refraction units netzaj
Refracting Arm Auto-Powered Arm
Arm Traveling Distance 15.75in / 400mm
Trial Lens Drawer 19.68in x 12.6in x 2.56in (500mm x 320mm x 65mm)
Headlamp 20w
Size 78.74in x 12.6in x 2.56in (2000mm x 320mm x 65mm)
Weight 352lb / 160Kg
Power Source AC 110/220 V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 450W (Max)
Chair Elevation 7.87in / 200mm
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement

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